Press releases

We work closely with the agricultural press, targeting press releases by circulating them specifically to all publications and regions which may be interested in running them.

We certainly don't claim to be able to control what they write but good working relationships provide some influence, and assist us in generating wider publicity for our clients. Close contact needs to be maintained with the publications to take advantage of the features that they schedule from time to time, that are relevant to our clients' business. We strive to make optimum use of testimonials from our clients' customers who can relay their positive experiences with the products, whether they are farmers, agronomists or resellers. Farmers, in particular, are very interested in reading about what other farmers are doing, and because of this publications are willing to run such stories. Doing these stories well involves getting on to the farm or the reseller outlet, winning the confidence of the customer which leads to good comment, and providing the publications with photographs. We handle our own photography and in doing so build up a library of shots that will often be very useful to you in other areas.

From an editor's point of view, the stories need to be well-written, relevant to their readership and accompanied by interesting good quality photos. These stories can be further developed into testimonial-style advertisements, showroom posters for your resellers and handouts for field days, etc. We can produce the artwork in attractive A3 and A4 format, have the posters laminated and the handouts printed at competitive rates.
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